about Ook Books

Ook Books was founded in 2024 by author T. W. Smith, when he produced his first book, Pardon you Mrs Mcgrew, through Amazon’s self-publishing platform. It was created for the purposes of establishing a recognisable brand for future planned publications, as well as to help with marketing and promotion.

We also hope to assist other authors in promoting and marketing their works. For more information on this, please contact us at: ook@ook-books.co.uk

about the author

T. W. Smith is an author, musician and book enthusiast. He began writing at an early age, inspired by a love of children’s literature and poetry. He progressed from poetry to lyric writing in the late 1990’s, when music became a bigger part of his life and has released several internationally selling musical works in the last fifteen years.

Tom wrote his first children’s story in 2013 for his nieces and continues to be inspired by the people, creatures and silliness of the world around him. He works in SEND education and lives in Leicestershire with his wife and cats.