Pardon you Mrs McGrew!

The AI illustrated book of sillyidioms

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ISBN: 9798878524858
Pages: 44
Published: 22 February, 2024

From the author

Sillyidioms are what I call the rhyming phrases we use towards others, often children, to motivate or just amuse them.

Pardon you Mrs McGrew! is a collection of sillyidioms. Some well known, some less so and some made up by myself.

Working with SEND children, I realised that I use these a lot more day-to-day and that I was making up my own on the spot. That inspired me to write this book and I have left some space at the end to make up and illustrate your own.

I would love to see what you come up with and you can email me your creations at:

All of the printed illustrations in this book were created using artificial intelligence software (AI). I liked the idea of making a nostalgic style of book, using this very modern technology. Using AI also adds to the fun by creating some unusual compositions and interesting styles.

Happy reading!